Obligations of Membership

Stockholder members of any of the five national purchasing co-ops must:

  1. agree that the Co-op and Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (RSCS) may collect a fee (a “sourcing fee”) in consideration of and to fund the Co-op and RSCS’s purchasing programs and services,

  2. authorize the Co-op and RSCS to cause suppliers and distributors of goods and equipment to collect sourcing fees from them for the account of the Co-op or RSCS,

  3. agree to abide by the terms and commitments of the Co-op’s bylaws, as amended from time to time, including the provisions regarding the distribution of any patronage dividends,

  4. agree to coordinate all requests to Yum! Brands, Inc. for supplier and distributor approval through the Co-op and/or RSCS, and

  5. depending on the particular co-op, purchase virtually all of the goods and equipment used in the member’s outlets through the purchasing programs that are offered by RSCS and the Co-op.







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