Distribution and Transportation

From the distribution center to the store, the emphasis is on service

The Distribution and Transportation team is committed to providing concept co-op member stores with solid distribution options and low transportation costs. The distribution team assists with many aspects of the supply chain. From contract negotiations to resolving quality assurance issues, this team is focused on the best distribution options for franchisees, distributors and the concept co-op members.

To help assure that member restaurants receive the service required by their distribution contracts, the distribution team uses a scorecard to judge performance and contract compliance. With this coaching tool, the team effectively coordinates with 23 distributors and more than 52 distribution centers.

Transportation Management

The transportation team works with hundreds of suppliers and over 20 distributors to prevent inbound freight-related issues from affecting product supply at distribution centers. Every day, throughout the year, hundreds of shipments are moving from supplier plant locations to over 50 distribution centers that support our member's 20,000-plus restaurants.

Our objective is flawless execution, from each and every operator order, to the store. The transportation team gathers the necessary freight rates and verifies that there is execution capability to support those rates.

The team also identifies savings opportunities that result from the efficient management of freight, including redistribution, working with freight management companies and securing more competitive rates.

Distribution Monitoring

Our distribution monitoring team audits every sales invoice in support of our food and packaging supply chain to determine if our members are paying the proper price based on negotiated supplier contracts, and the negotiated distribution agreements with members.
Distribution & Transportation

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