Member Testimonials

“As a KFC franchisee for many years, I can say without question that the leadership and staff of RSCS are committed to delivering 100 percent of mind, heart and will to bring to the system the best possible cost solutions available, always in a spirit of cooperation, support and guidance to all members.”

Kenneth R. Rianna, Northeast Region Representative, KFC National Purchasing Co-op, Inc.

“In this time of economic uncertainty, I feel secure knowing I have a partner at RSCS that can guarantee supply and distribution to our restaurants and is always looking out for my best interests.”

James D. Olson, KFC Franchisee and Treasurer/President, Harman Management Corp.

“RSCS has one of the most talented groups of employees I have dealt with in my entire career. They are true professionals. I hate to think about what our P&L results would have been without RSCS. They have had a very significant positive financial impact on our business.”

David A. Bobilya, Board Member, Pizza Hut National Purchasing Co-op, Inc.

“Franchisees often ask me why they should do business with their national purchasing co-op. When you think about it, it makes so much sense. You own it, so why would you buy from a competitor when you can buy from a company you own?”

Thomas M. Cook, Taco Bell Franchisee

“RSCS is more than a $5 billion supply chain management company. It is the people who daily strive to make a positive impact on the businesses and livelihoods of concept co-op members. Collectively, their spirit of service is RSCS.”

Dale E. Black, Chairman, KFC National Purchasing Co-op, Inc.

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