Program Management

National program execution

Program managers interact between the brands, procurement teams, suppliers, distributors and franchisees to ensure supply. In their key liaison role, they align with multiple Yum! Brands' teams including Food Innovation, Restaurant Operations, Architecture & Engineering, R&D/Engineering, Marketing and Quality Control. Program managers minimize member cost, risk and exposure to manage supply for menu promotions in support of the A&W, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurant systems.

Managing supply for a myriad of promotions, program managers develop and execute national and local menu offers, test items and cost management initiatives. There are five program management teams located in Louisville, Ky., Irvine, Calif. and Plano, Texas. These teams utilize strategic processes to align and manage volume commitments in support of brand-specific programs.

From the initial planning stages to the test or launch of any new food or packaging item, program managers strategically direct inventory production and distribution replenishment throughout the duration of a national launch or test.

Primary responsibilities of program managers include:

  • Ensure 100 percent supply of specified products for base business items as well as proprietary items needed for new products
  • Effectively develop and execute supply plans in a rapidly changing environment
  • Mitigate risk and avoid product obsolescence

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