Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a purchasing co-op?

A purchasing co-op is a business whose owner-members have joined forces to increase the performance and competitiveness of their organization. By banding together, members gain economic power, purchasing strength, valuable goods and services, plus marketing opportunities.


2. What are the benefits of concept co-op membership?

The benefits of concept co-op membership include competitive pricing for food, packaging and equipment; an annual patronage dividend (if paid) to members in good standing; a voice in the leadership of your concept co-op; and eligibility to participate in the annual election of boards of directors. Multibrand store owners should join the purchasing co-ops of both brands in order to take advantage of full membership benefits. Other privileges of membership include participation in purchasing programs and services other than food, packaging and equipment.


3. What services are provided by Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions (RSCS)?

RSCS provides core services of sourcing food, packaging and equipment, as well as ancillary services which offer discounts on everything from cell phones to safety shoes. Visit the Member Programs link for more details.


4. Can other restaurants join a national purchasing co-op?

RSCS provides supply chain management, equipment distribution and other member services to its four member concepts that represent the owner-operators of A&W, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants and licensed locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico.


5. How do concept co-ops pay patronage dividends?

Concept co-ops generally pay patronage dividends annually out of net income. Patronage is based on eligible food, packaging and equipment purchases. The amount you receive is in proportion to the amount you spend through your concept co-op, RSCS suppliers or participating distributors.


6. What are the stock requirements to join if you own stores from two different concepts?

The stock requirements to join a concept co-op for operators who own stores in different concepts are the same as that of single-concept members: $10 membership fee and $400 per store. Each concept co-op operates as a separate entity. Being a member of one concept co-op will not make you a member in other concept co-ops. Therefore, if you are a multibrand store owner or if you own stand-alone stores of more than one brand, you should join the concept co-op of each brand in order to take advantage of full membership benefits.

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