Privileges of Membership

Millions of people benefit from co-ops everyday. A&W, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell stockholder members are a part of this fortunate group.

Your concept co-op — whether it is the A&W Co-op, KFC Co-op, Pizza Hut Co-op or Taco Bell Co-op — offers your system value in the purchasing of food, non-food, packaging and equipment.

If you join your concept co-op and your membership status is up-to-date, you are eligible to receive an annual patronage dividend (based on board approval). For more information on patronage dividends, see your Membership Information Packet.

As a member, you have a voice in the leadership of your concept co-op and are eligible to participate in the annual election of directors. If you are a multibrand store owner, you should join the co-ops for each brand in order to take advantage of full membership benefits. The governance of your co-op is led by a member-elected board of directors. Your concept board sets the direction and strategy for your concept co-op. Other privileges of membership include participation in purchasing programs and services other than food, non-food, packaging and equipment.








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