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Restaurant Supply Chain Solutions' teams negotiate prices on food, packaging, non-food and equipment items as part of our exclusive, supply chain management agreement with Yum! Brands, Inc. and our specific purchasing agreement with A&W. With world-class buying expertise, supplier-relationship management and evolving strategic processes, buyers are responsible for negotiating prices on 2,000-plus food and packaging items and over 20,000 equipment items.

Buyers are responsible for product categories and the development of ongoing strategies that result in the best price from the most qualified suppliers. This objective is reached through research, detailed product knowledge and a current understanding of global supply and market conditions unique to that food, packaging, non-food, or equipment item.

From the farm to the store, our strategic purchasing teams coordinate on a cross-functional level to support national promotions for the A&W, KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurant systems. Whether it’s a new type of tomato or oil under evaluation (quality, price and taste), a recent technology that increases efficiencies, or the modification of a plastic/paper item that could save millions through cost reduction, our strategic procurement teams can deliver.

Food, Non-Food, Packaging - Equipment

The power of combined purchasing creates a market where business owners thrive

Purchasing teams operate strategically to deliver volume savings. Co-operative business succeeds when franchise owners benefit from shared savings across commodities including beef, poultry, wheat, cheese, soybean/canola oil, corn, produce, natural gas, diesel fuel, and more. Unique to our dynamic are what we call our Centers of Excellence teams located in Louisville, Ky., Irvine, Calif., and Plano, Texas. These teams, comprised of purchasing, commodity risk management, store owners, and brand representatives, oversee proprietary processes utilized for purchasing and commodity risk management programs for each brand. Centralized purchasing and commodity risk management experts collaborate on decisions regarding risk, market positions, and global economies that impact pricing and availability of food, packaging and equipment.

The buyer role includes

  • Coordination of pricing and supply for forecasted and base business items
  • Supplier-relationship management
  • Market expertise and analysis across dozens of food and paper categories
  • Precise supply management to avoid obsolescence as well as supply shortages
  • Exploration of new technologies that may reduce owner costs
"The development and execution of the correct buying strategy within a food, equipment or non-food category is crucial to the buyer’s success," said Suerken. "Our purchasing role continues to evolve to meet the rapidly changing landscape of the world's food supply, commodity markets, government legislation, and key supplier relationships."

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