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UFPC Strengthens Commitment to Supplier Diversity

Louisville, Ky. — May 3, 2007 —

Unified Foodservice Purchasing Co-op, LLC (UFPC) raised its spend with minority- and women-owned suppliers (M/WBEs) by 27 percent in 2006.

This increase brings UFPC closer to a goal it shares with Yum! Brands, Inc. to raise the dollars spent with M/WBEs to 8 percent by the end of 2008.

Boosting supplier diversity helps UFPC increase innovation, add technical expertise, and improve pricing through competition among suppliers.

“It is difficult for minority suppliers — many of whom tend to be small — to challenge a large supplier on cost alone,” said Renee Fromme, Senior Purchasing Manager for UFPC. “M/WBEs work hard to compete on quality and reliability (as well as cost) to justify their use.”

Increasing supplier diversity also generates word-of-mouth advertising among women and minorities, the same groups that comprise a high percentage of QSR customers.

“Recognizing that we serve a very diverse customer base and that from our suppliers come our customers, UFPC and Yum! Brands seek out diverse suppliers for all our Yum! Brands restaurants,” said Tim Mueller, Vice President, General Manager of the KFC National Purchasing Co-op, Inc.

For more information about supplier diversity, visit UFPC’s supplier diversity page.




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