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Defining Value of UFPC Services through New Communication

Louisville, Ky. — December 28, 2012

Web-based communications for franchisees are critical, and have proven to be extremely beneficial. UFPC launched the KFC Bucket Brief, a newly designed-KFC member communication, in late-October, 2012. Replacing the current e-communication with an updated model gave way to a strategic paradigm shift in e-communications. The objective is to provide significant information in the most effective and well-organized way. New approaches include subject matter brevity with respect for members’ time, expanded information categories such as Restaurant Margin updates and KFC Concept Co-op team member introductions. The communication boasts intentional messaging, bringing to light the need for members to receive the information.

Some premeditated messages, including cost of goods updates, national program updates and promotional readiness reports, are utilized outside of the KFC Bucket Brief when timeliness and newsworthiness are two driving factors. Additionally, KFC Board Updates have been executed in e-communication form, along with a tactical modification in the website dropdown menu and security settings to accomplish this goal.

"Every change and improvement was made based on feedback from KFC Concept Co-op members. The decision to design and implement new a communication strategy was essential and deliberate. With the KFC Bucket Brief, every member has the option to receive a snapshot of pertinent information, and can choose to visit the website for more material. It’s what members asked for, and it’s what we delivered. We strive to meet member’s needs every day, on every level, including communications,” said Tim Mueller, Senior Vice President of the KFC National Purchasing Co-op.

About UFPC

UFPC, headquartered in Louisville, Ky. has offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., Irvine, Calif., Plano, Texas and Wichita, Kan. UFPC is the exclusive supply chain management organization for Yum! Brands, Inc. and its three restaurant systems — KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell.  UFPC also manages the supply chain for A&W and Long John Silver’s restaurant systems through specific purchasing agreements.  

UFPC negotiates prices on food, packaging, non-food and equipment items as part of the exclusive, supply chain management services. With world-class buying expertise, supplier-relationship management and evolving strategic processes, UFPC negotiates pricing on over 2,000 food and packaging items and over 20,000 equipment items in support of multiple restaurant brands. For more information visit  




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